Introducing Animated Pie Charts: A Dynamic Way to Visualize Your Data

In the ever-evolving world of data visualization, is excited to introduce a new and dynamic way to present your data: the Animated Pie Chart. This innovative approach combines the clarity of traditional pie charts with the engaging and informative power of animation, making your data not just seen, but experienced.

Team Collaboration: Enhancing Data Visualization Through Collective Effort

Dive into the exclusive Team Collaboration feature available for Business Plan users on Add up to 5 team members, share projects effortlessly, and harness the combined power of your team for superior data visualization. Our brief tutorial guides you on how to get started, ensuring a seamless collaborative experience.

New Updates to More Projects and Enhanced Features has updated its features, expanding project limits for Free and Pro users and improving custom font support for Business subscribers. Explore our new double vertical gradient option for bars.

Improved Custom Font Loading

For our "Business" plan users, we've made some refinements to our custom font loading feature. It's been adjusted based on feedback, making it more user-friendly.

All About Harvey Balls

You'll learn all about Harvey Balls: what they are, why they're called that, and how to use them in Excel and Power Point. Consider the pros and cons, as well as alternatives.

All about the Heikin Ashi

Complete instruction on the Heikin Ashi, will help you understand how to build and read the chart, what are the strategies of trading, in what way it differs from the candlestick.

3 Steps to Effectively Visualize Survey Data

Introducing 3 steps for success when visualizing survey data: 7 best data visualization solutions, help in choosing the best one for you, tips for creating infographics